FLORENTIA is the ancient name of the city of Florence.

Florentia is also the name of our organization, offering private walking tours, museum visits and excursions in Florence & Tuscany.

We are a select team of highly qualified docents who share a common vision: to offer an unparalleled experience of Florence & Tuscany through our customized, personal tours.

In our company, you will experience our culture as it is only possible with a native guide. You will visit inspiring sites and learn amazing facts. Above all, you will understand how this very special part of the world became a capital of enlightenment and civilization for over three centuries.

Whether you’re with us for a few hours, or several days; whether you’re traveling with a group of family and friends, or a small party of one or two; we will take care to learn about you and create with you an itinerary that best suits your interests and expectations. 

The most recurring compliment from our clients is that our tours are not dry lectures, but engaging conversations. We deeply love the art, history and culture of our homeland. Our work ultimately consists of sharing our passion and knowledge with you.

We hope to see you in Florence and leave you with great memories for years to come.

Contact email: info@florentia.com